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Build-it-yourself Electronics

Description: Adormi provides build-it-yourself electronic products to schools, engineering and polytechnic colleges worldwide. The products include all hardware components, simple pictorial step-by-step guide, videos, simplified classroom theory, market trends and career planning guide for students.

Adormi also offers at home internships and a certification program for students to assess their knowledge in the electronic industry market.

Pain Points/ Needs:

Adaptive Learning
Game-Based Learning
Interactive Project Creators
Physical Electronics
Study Aids

Platform: Web

Usability: Adormi products help educators and students learn about Electronics and Physics concepts in an interesting hands-on way. Students can build a real-life application with Adormi Box and learn about the educational classroom theory concepts with the interactive CD. Some Adormi products include phone, lie detector, treasure finder, electric organ, etc. The products are classified by industry, technology, school topic, university course and complexity. They are fun and easy to make and help students enhance their problem solving skills, electronics knowledge, creativity and interest in Science and Technology.

Adormi products help students develop interest in Science and understand it better. Students can learn about diverse and current industry technologies, find opportunities for better work assignments, improve their chances to find a job early and lessen adjustment from academic to professional life. Teachers can find visual aids for teaching , develop better understanding of core concepts, grab the attention of academically challenged students , engage in discussions with industry professionals, access whitepapers and gain technology insights. Adormi also allows you to be part of the Adormi Company through Adormi At Home Internship programs which provide you an opportunity to have the real hands-on experience on industrial kits without actually going into the company. Also, with the Adormi Certification program you can assess your knowledge on the product you have assembled.

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